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Micro Anatomy

Micro Anatomy slides for all of Block 2
(select lab powerpoints)
SI reviews for Micro-Anatomy:

(blood developement videos, thanks Drew)

Here is the link to an offline Histology Image Review.
Histology Image Review

Lecture Materials

Muscles & Innervation:

(thanks Melissa!!! This is a list of all the origins/insertions for each bone/ligament)

(thanks Doris)

netter's consult chart- muscles, origin, insertion, blood/nerve supply - Segment 1

Brachial Plexus:



Pericardium Dissection (Thanks Joshua)

Heart developement video (This is just a 9min video of how the heart developes and really helpful!)

Lymphoid Tissue:

Lymphoid Tissue Simplification

Gross Anatomy

Anatomy Study Guides from Wiki 2013
(same link as above... select study guides)

Dissections Preview
Univeristy of Michigan Anatomy Link
This site has a lot of good practical questions from which our professors apparently like to ask questions.

Anatomy Drill and Practice
More practice questions to utilize (Thanks Torie)

GetBodySmart Questions
Similar to Flash Worksheets. Some info may vary from class. (Thanks Torie)